A great, big, empty and ugly backyard only served to fan the flame of a longtime dream of mine to have a pool.

There were the occasional discussions about the possibility of having one when I was much, much younger, but living out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by gravel roads, open pastures, and cows, it was out of the question, at least in my parents’ minds.  I guess they figured, if I really wanted to jump into to something wet, there were plenty of tanks around for me to use.

Then, I married.

I hoped maybe ThrillCam would be my ticket.

But that was out of the question, as well, especially in the earlier years.  And, even into the later years of our marriage, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Until now.

And, I’m so excited!!

And grateful.

And thankful.

And grateful.

And thankful-grateful.

It’s simple, not fancy.

…It’s just right for us.


I have plans for my pool, it just doesn’t know it, yet.

At the risk of sounding, I don’t know, weird, I believe the pool, for our family, means more than just plain fun.  Much like one end of our pool, it holds deeper implications.

Spiritual applications, if you will.

You see, while the pool is 100% pure fun and entertainment on one level, it’s also going to provide a new place for us to invite our neighbors to hang out, get to know one another better, and relax.  We’ll get to know each other better, which translates into serving and loving one another better.

It will also be a great location for our church’s Table Group (our version of a small group) to meet and enjoy great food and conversation.

I also hope there will be a baptism or two in our pool.

I’ll be sure to take pictures of those events.

But, before then, we have figure out where to put the noodles, floats, and other pool toys that are quickly littering our backyard.

You see, the pool is finally swim-able!

Our boys have been busy breaking it in on a daily basis, even though the backyard transformation is far from over.

We have a few things to do, mainly around the perimeter of the pool, before the backyard is complete.  But, it’s coming together, slowly, but surely.

Once the dust settles, and summer baseball season slows down, I am hoping our neighbors and friends will help keep us company.

More photos to come.

Have a great day!




  1. Lisa Freeman

    Were they backed up to your back yard yesterday. Took a detour to my home and saw some work being done. Thought of you.

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Yep. It’s an almost daily occurrence. But, hopefully, it will be wrapping up, soon.
      Next time you take a detour, you and Ken should stop by!

  2. Emma

    The other thing I think is great about a pool, with a four year old anyway, is it makes good quality time. You can’t answer phones, work on the computer, do laundry, dishes or make beds while you’re swimming!

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