Where have you been all my life??


Cold brew tea.

Who knew?

Well, besides the millions of people who are way more attentive and astute than me?

I certainly didn’t know about it.

But, now I do.  And my life is complete.

The brand I purchased was H.E.B.’s store brand.


I’m sure there are other brands, but H.E.B.’s store brand is cheaper, and tastes just fine (to me).

If, like in my neck of the woods, it’s too darn hot to stand over the stove to boil water, then wait for the tea to steep, then wait for the tea to cool down (so it doesn’t melt all your ice cubes), then, you should, by all means, get thee to a nunnery!


Get thee to the grocery store! And purchase thyself some cold brew tea bags.


(I’ve found that it does take a couple more minutes to brew, than the 5 listed on the directions, to get a good flavor.  Five minutes, in my opinion, makes for too-weak tea.  But, other than that, I love how fast it is to make a pitcher of iced tea.)

Of course, once your tea is brewed, add about 3/4 C. of sugar to the pitcher and stir well, until all the sugar is dissolved.  Fill your tall glass with ice and a sliver of lemon or lime, and slowly pour the tea over it.  Then, sit back and put your feet up.


It’s gonna be a good day.



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