Hard Rock Hotel, part deux

While in Chicago, for our twenty-something anniversary, ThrillCam and I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel.

It had a funky and hip vibe.

The rooms were very streamlined and contemporary.

Even the bathroom had a rock ‘n’ roll attitude about it.

It was clean and modern.

But, not necessarily homey-feeling.

We were a little put off by the large and looming portrait of Marilyn Manson, following our every move, with that one creepy eyeball and the pasty, white skin….

All in all, though, the hotel is great place to stay.  Once.  For the experience.

But, I think for our next visit to Chicago, we’ll check out another hotel.

Cons of Hard Rock Hotel:

  • One of their touted perks is getting to check out an electric guitar when you check in.  You can take it up to your room and have a little jam session whenever you like.  Only, every single day we were staying at the hotel, there was never a guitar available.  Bummer.
  • The Marilyn Manson image was only slightly disturbing.  I completely understand that the hotel’s theme is all about musicians and music, but M.M. did not bring about a serene, comfy feeling I desired after a long day of walking and sight-seeing.  Granted, we could have been in a room with a photo of Madonna, Steven Tyler, Elvis Presley, Pat Benatar, or even Gene Simmons…who knows?  And, they probably would have been equally as freaky and/or disturbing.  So, really the picture was not a huge deal.  Just creepy.  And disturbing.
Pros of the Hard Rock Hotel:
  • Great location for downtown sightseeing.  We walked to just about everywhere we needed to go.  We never felt nervous or scared.  It was a block from the El (elevated train) and a block and a half from both Millennium Park and Magnificent Mile.
  • The staff was very friendly and helpful.
  • Very clean rooms.
So, while we may choose another hotel next time we go to Chicago, I am still very glad we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel for a few nights.   And, if you ever have the chance, you should too.

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