Boy, after Wednesday’s heavy-hearted post, I need to lighten things up a bit!  Sorry for dumping that on you, but I really do find writing about some of the tougher moments following my mother’s death therapeutic.

My blog becomes the couch, figuratively.  You, the psychologist, pen and paper in hand.

I wish I had experienced an MRI before my mother found she had cancer, so that I could have been more empathetic to her pain and complaints, but, as with most of my life, I’m a slow learner.  I’m usually a little behind the 8 ball when it comes to really understanding and grasping the important things in life… Sigh.

But, thank you to those of you, who offered encouragement and love.  It means a great deal to me, as always.


So, what about my knee?

The MRI revealed that I had a partial torn ACL, not meniscus.

In my opinion, I dodged a bullet–I know too many folks who have had ACL surgery and it ain’t pretty, or fun.  Thankfully, mine was not completely torn, which means no surgery!  That really is an answer to prayer.  No surgery and X-rays showed no arthritis…both praises in my book.

I must wear a very fashionable brace for 6 weeks and participate in rehab….

MUCH better than surgery.


I told my friend, June, that I believe this is one more sign to me that I must, not just need, MUST get into better shape.  I have already been praying about losing some weight and getting more physical.  Having surgery would have given me one more excuse to put it off, I believe.

I’d appreciate prayers.  This will not be overnight for me.  It will a long and very hard process, but my health depends on it.

(In fact, yesterday, I was a bit grumpy.  Unfortunately, grumpy=eating…a lot.  Yes, I ate 4 BombPops in one sitting.  Who, in their right mind, binges on BombPops???  My mouth was blue for a long time afterward….Evidence.)


This next week I hope to show you some pictures of the pool I took at night, as well as tell you about a late-night adventure that happened right behind our house.

Oh! and…Did you know I have a raised garden?  I do!  Sort of.  More on that, too.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this drivel.  You are a kind soul.

Have a beautiful, happy Sunday,




  1. Annette Bruce

    Hey E, have you read “Made To Crave”? It’s an awesome book and helped me! There’s also a Bible Study. I think I might give it a try. It’s a CONSTANT battle! Let me know if you want to get together for encouragement or even try the study together. Love & Prayers, Annette

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Annette, this is crazy, but I JUST purchased that book last week!! I put it on my iPad, but another friend, who was reading it on her Kindle decided it was such a good book, she wanted a hard copy as well.
      I will be in touch.

  2. Judy Bryant

    Elizabeth, your post the other day about the MRI made me cry too as I thought about your dear Mother. Maybe you didn’t truly understand what she went through, but you and your sister were there for her in love each day. I am glad you will not need knee surgery! Thanks for the heads up about the book-I am going to check it out too.
    Take care,

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