An exciting story. Sort of.

ThrillCam was already sawing some logs by the time I climbed into the bed, the other night.  As I got into bed, I decided, as I do just about every night, to play a couple rounds of Words with Friends and to read a little, before falling asleep.  It was around 11 pm.

After about 30 minutes, the sound of a revving engine can be heard.  Must be kids messing around behind our house…no biggie…school sure needs to start… 

But, as I lie there, it becomes increasingly obvious that someone has gotten stuck in the mud behind our house.  (Our house backs up to a dead-end street.  The street ends at a small canal.)  I heard the tell-tale signs of a vehicle’s revving engine and spinning tires.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.

Now, this is nothing new.  People get their vehicles stuck back there all the time.  And, usually at night.  They never seem to see the ditch…and down they go.  (To be honest, we are constantly befuddled as to how people get stuck back there, because the ditch is a good 15-20 yards from the street.  They almost have to go looking for it to get stuck…)

Finally, I quietly crawl out of bed, and look out our back door, just to confirm my suspicions.  My oldest son was suddenly by my side; he had heard the ruckus from upstairs.

So, I, in my kerchief, him in his shorts, flew open the door to see what was the matter….


We snuck around the pool in the dark and watched through holes in the fence–I felt very Mrs. Cravitz-like.

It was, to be honest, a little humorous watching the driver of the truck dig himself deeper and deeper into the ground.

Back. Rev, rev. Forth. Rev, rev. Back. Rev, rev. And forth. Rev, rev.

My son finally turned to me and said, “You want me to get dad’s truck and just go pull them out?  He’s just making a mess.”

“No.  I’ll go wake your father and y’all can both go help.  It’s obvious that guy will never get out at this rate.”

Just as I was walking back into the house, I see ThrillCam, who was up, dressed and ready to go.  The noise had woken him up.  He knew if he wanted to get any sleep, he would need to go help.

So, our oldest exits through the back fence to tell the man his dad was coming to the rescue.

My son sees and approaches another man who was standing to the side of the ditch, watching his friend desperately attempt to get out of the mud.

My son says, “Hey.  Y’all need some help?”

The other man stands there, staring at the rocking and revving truck, pulls out a cigarette, lights it, then finally says, “Yeah.  We got stuck.”

Ya think?

(We came to the conclusion, after much observation, that this man was three sheets to the wind.  Thank goodness he was not driving–I would have called the cops, if that had been the case.  He was in no shape to be behind the wheel. Below is a picture of the flip-flop he left in the mud, after he fell in…Honestly, he could have his own story, but I’m not giving him the space on my blog.)

Long story, short: ThrillCam pulled the truck out.  The driver got his drunk, muddy buddy back into the truck.  The driver says, for the twentieth time, “I promise, we’re not losers. I’ll come back tomorrow and pay your $100 to fix this all up. ” And, off they went.

My family went back in the house and laughed about the bizarre situation for a few minutes, then we each went back to bed.

The end.


It seemed much more exciting at 11:30 pm….



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