Another dirty story…

While our oldest punk was away in Colorado, backpacking, ThrillCam and I took our youngest punk and a friend to visit my sister out in the country.

Like so much of the rest of the nation, it is so terribly dry.  When I say it’s dry, I’m telling you, it’s dry.

Bad dry.

Crops are dying.  Cracks are appearing.  Tanks are drying up.

Like this one:

That used to be gathering place for cows.

Now it just looks like the landscape of another planet.

It’s dry.  Bad dry.

But, for two 12 year old boys who have free use of a Mule (utility terrain vehicle), a dry creek bed looks like a playground…

It’s dry, after all.


Unfortunately, the very center of what used to be a tank full of water is still a wee bit soggy.

Um, help please?

“Yeah. (pause for dramatic effect)  We got stuck.”

But, I promise, we’re not losers! 

ThrillCam and the little red tractor to the rescue!

(This is where I want to insert video, but I’m too cheap to pay for the upgrade…)

And, they’re off!

The End.



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