Purrrty colors…

Years ago, ThrillCam went to Canada a couple of times with my father and some of my father’s friends.  They went solely to fish.

I’m thinking there are far more exciting things to do in Canada, but those fishing trips will forever be some of my husband’s fondest memories.

While on one particular trip, one of my father’s friend commented on something that really captured his attention.  He said it was “mez-merl-alizin!”

Instead of mesmerizing.

Example: “I was plumb mesmeralized by the beauty of them Walleye!”  (For those not in the aquatic-know, a Walleye is a type of fish.)

So, now, any time I want to use the word “mesmerize” in a sentence, I catch myself.  I must think twice.  Three times even.  I just know that one day, I will trip up and show my true red-neckedness and say “mez-merl-alize.”

You see, I’m finding myself using the word more and more often to describe my pool.

Well, my pool lights, to be specific.

The new LED pool lights change colors.  I think there are 9 or 10 different colors/settings!

(Shutter Priority Mode: Shutter speed 32 sec, f/18, ISO 200)

Every night, when we swim, my family must decide what color (or color combination) they want the pool to be.

I’m telling you, watching the colors change is sort of like staring at a lava lamp.

(Canon 5D MarkII, Shutter Priority, Shutter Speed 8 sec., f/4, ISO 200.)



  • I should have used a tripod, but I was too lazy to go inside and drag it out.  So, instead, I propped my camera on a level, steady chair and used a seat cushion to help in holding the camera in place.  (I have yet to purchase a shutter release cable, so I had to risk the movement caused by pressing the shutter button.)  One way to possibly prevent the extra movement is to turn on your self-timer for a 2 second, or more, delay.  That way, you can press down the shutter button, move away and give the camera time to settle before the shutter opens to take the picture.
  • I set my camera to Tv Mode (shutter speed priority).  In this mode, I chose the shutter speed, and the camera chose the aperture.
  • I chose very slow shutter speeds, sometimes even up to 32 secs–Notice the water movement and palm trees look cloud-like, soft in your photo.  And the movement of my son and husband, or my dog, who might move in front of the camera while the shutter is open, look blurry, almost ghost-like.  Kind of a cool effect.  (Try this: ask a friend to stay put, focus the camera on him/her, then allow a small child or a pet to run around the stationary person. Talk about cool effect!)
  • I also did not bump up my ISO.  I left it fairly low.  Remember, having the shutter open for such a long time allows good light in.  If I had upped the ISO, it might have created a much brighter picture, which is not what I was shooting for.(Ignore the ugly power lines…)

I played with taking photos for quite some time, that evening. You should try it!  Just make sure you have a tripod or the likes (because you can see in the red pool, especially, that I would have had a sharper image, had I used a tripod).



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