We interrupt this programming for an important message: IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!

Yessiree, it’s that time of year!

It’s still a little too hot outside, but, gosh, even with the heat, I’m excited for football season. I love being on the sidelines of our local high school team, photographing the action.

And, this year, I’ve been given the green light to join the coaches on the sidelines of our intermediate school, as well! I’m very, very excited to have the opportunity!

You see, our youngest is playing football for the first time. Like his older brother, when he reached 7th grade, he has chosen to join the ranks of stinky, sweaty, grunting football players.


(All photos taken with a shaky iPhone camera.)

Yesterday was his first day at practice.  (No, ThrillCam and I were not there to help him with his gear–these were taken at the equipment distribution night.)


To say he was exhausted after his 1st practice is an understatement.

To say he has hit his first real challenge is not quite adequate enough.

To say he smelled, well, let’s just say there are no adjectives that describe the stench that wafted from his freakishly tall, filthy body.

That smell.

That smell that permeates every crevice of a boys’ locker room and then some…


That smell that soaks itself into socks and jock straps and shoulder pads and knee pads and refuses to let go…


That smell?

It burns the hair out of your nostrils and eats into your sinuses, leading to the attack on your brain and your lungs with the voracity of a million piranha!

Truly, it’s something I will never, ever, ever get used to.

Nor, will I ever want to get used to it.

I also never, ever want tire of watching my sons, and so many other’s sons, play the game of football (and baseball). I just enjoy the heck out of it.

Smells and all.


Happy Football Season, y’all, whether it’s junior high, high school, college, or pro!

Are ya ready??




    • Elizabeth Simmons

      What is it about you boys who are immune to that STANK!??
      I honestly cannot find an ounce of oxygen when I stand near the football players, or walk remotely close to the locker room….
      Boys’ noses are apparently engineered to sort and compartmentalize oxygen and stench….is it one nostril for each? Then they’re able to breath properly??
      I don’t get it.

  1. Sherri

    Those scenes look exactly like the experience we had this week with Jett as well. Our babies aren’t babies anymore. They are football players… Hard to believe.

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Please tell me you took some pics!
      I know…no longer babies… ~can’t be on the football field!!
      Love y’all.

  2. Sally

    We are ready! Richard had his first day of 8th grade football practice yesterday and last Friday night was “Meet the Tiger” to introduce all the participants of Friday night lights (from Becky with the cheerleaders to Emily with the band). Got the camera ready for rich with the massive zoom lens and hood so bring on the football 🙂

    Have fun and don’t breathe in too deeply!


    • Elizabeth Simmons

      It really is a fun time, especially when the WHOLE family is involved, like yours! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! And, tell Rich to take tons of pics!!!
      Hugs all around to you and yours,

  3. Kaeluis Khristopher Bruce

    As a 15yo Hockey Player I’m all too familiar with the smell….. But over time I’ve played hockey I have developed a fondness too it. it just reminds me of a game I love to play I’ve did tryout for football this year in bantam as lineman (because am 6’2′ and 280 lbs) I really loved playing it and the team I was on I loved…. but It wasn’t the best experience I’ve had in sports I ended up quitting after 8 practices. Because some of the coaches I had were just well !@#! to me for instance they were just pushing me to hard and I tell them I have a birth defect called vascular ring. That limits my breathing/O2 intake and I tried out easily because of it and I asked if I could please can I have a break well guess what he said I don’t care NOW GET ON WITH THE DRILL like really?

    I must say that I miss playing But they where just pushing me to hard

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