Labor Day List

Hello, y’all!

My youngest hooligan asked me, yesterday, what the Labor Day holiday actually celebrates.  I told him what I knew, then went to the trusty internet for a little more information.

1.  Labor Day is a holiday that is basically a celebration of American workers’ economic and social achievements and contributions to our country.

2. The first big holiday was, of course, celebrated in New York City.

3. But, the first state to adopt it as an annual holiday was Oregon.

4. That was in 1887!

5.  It became a federal holiday 1894.

6. For many, the holiday has morphed into a celebration of the end of summer.

7. Hence, the BBQs, parties, and parades.

8.  That was the case for my family; we had folks over last night, to celebrate the long weekend, and just plain friendship.

9.  The Carnitas, tacos, sangria, and pool time made for a fun evening.

10.  Today, I plan to celebrate a day of NO labor.

11.  No babies being born here.

12.  Been there, done that.

13.  Twice.

14.  Nor, do I plan to work, today.

15.  In fact, the only work I will do is to sit next to my pool and work on my tan lines.

16. And, while I’m lounging, I will say a prayer of thanksgiving for the many workers in the past and present, who have helped shape and improve our country.

17. Finally, I will say thank you for the opportunity to live and work in the best country in the whole world.

Happy Labor(less) Day!




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