That’s my boy!!

Okay…may I brag a little on my youngest punk?

He made TWO big tackles for losses in his very first football game, this week!!

It was a proud moment for all of us!

Go Panthers!

(Okay.  Thanks for accommodating me…)


My other boy, my Senior, is preparing for Homecoming this coming weekend.

While he is deciding where to take his date to dinner, and finding the sharpest looking vest and tie that goes well with her dress, I am left trying to (last-minute) find her a mum.

I’ll tell you more about Homecoming mums, next week.

(I’ve already told you about my high school mums.)


Take a look at a few mums from last year’s Homecoming:

And, those are fairly tame comparing to some mums!!

I think I have my work cut out for me…

Wish me luck!




  1. Sarah

    My neighbor makes mums and they are FANTASTIC… leopard print ribbon, and boa feathers… tiaras… GORGEOUS! Let me know if you want her contact info!

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Please remind me of that next year! Oh, wait! I won’t have to worry about another mum for two more years! Woohoo!
      Thanks for the heads-up, Sarah!

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