My sweet neighbor was in the Homecoming Court this past weekend!

I was so excited for her!

She looked absolutely as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

Psst! That proud papa on her arm is our good friend Stan.  

(You know, Stan.  He claims to be THE Honey Badger…but, that’s another story.)


My oldest punk, who is a Senior this year …

…hold on.

I’m all verklempt…

It’s just so hard to write that sentence…

He shouldn’t be that old…

I shouldn’t be that old!

Well, okay….if you must know, in reality, I’m not that old; you see, I had him when I was 8 years old…

Give or take a few years…

Yes.  Yes, it was a miracle, indeed.


My oldest punk, who is a Senior, had a great time with his buddies…

They all cleaned up, right nice, and went as a large group (with dates) to dinner after the football game.

I love group dating.  How fun is that?!

There’s just nothing like a pair of good buddies.

(My good-lookin’ punk is in the middle.)


Of course, there’s also nothing like a fabulous pair of shoes, either!

Tomorrow, I’ll give you the mum low-down.  (I saw something I’d never seen before, mum-wise, this year, and I can’t wait to show you!)

Happy Thursday!



One comment

  1. Sally

    Do you guys have the mums on a string around the girl’s neck? Saw that one for the first time last year but it hasn’t reach our school yet — yea! The Homecoming pictures are bea-u-ti-ful, Elizabeth, but my absolute favorite is the “wildlife” one 🙂

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