Extreme Mum Makeover!

My friends who have been transplanted to Texas find this whole Homecoming mum thing…um…shall I say, interesting?  Every year around Homecoming time, when the topic of mums comes up, it never fails that an out-of-stater says, “We never had mums where I grew up.  This is all completely new to me….”  

It’s usually said in a tone of sarcasm, maybe even malevolence.

Bless their hearts, they can’t help it; they just don’t understand.

When in Texas, one must eventually come to grips with the fact that football rules, hair is big, and mums are even bigger.

To be perfectly honest, though, I can’t say that I completely understand it all, myself.

Things have changed, somewhat, from when I was a mum-wearing girl of 17.

I loved receiving a mum for Homecoming, back when I was in high school.  It was part of the fun of it all.

My mums consisted of one single real Chrysanthemum flower (nowadays they are fake), lots of streamers (still do that), and fun, little doo-dads (still do that, as well).

But, I gotta tell ya, mums have been taken, as so many things in our society, to a whole new level…

Let me show you…

Here’s the one we got for my son’s date:

It was simple.


Maybe even a little understated.

I added a couple of things to it, to personalize it, a bit.

But, overall, it was a fairly average, as mums go.  My son’s date is not the showy-type, so she requested simple.  Plus, I refused to break the bank (although some of you would choke on what folks can and will spend on a Homecoming mum!).

My son is one of few words, but he seemed to think his sweet date liked her mum okay.

(He took it to her on Friday morning, so she could wear it all day, at school. It jingled, jangled, jingled, as he walked, because I added a ton of bells to it.)

I hope she liked her mum.  And, I’m sure she did.  She’s sweet like that.

But, if she wasn’t happy with it, I can completely understand.

I mean, a girl could acquire a bad case of mum-envy, if she’s not careful…

Look at this one, for example:

By the way, no longer can you just pin on a mum.  The mums are too big.  Now, girls need harnesses to hold their creations up–like halter tops!

They really are amazing pieces of, dare I say it?  Art?

You can get them in all different shapes and sizes…

I’ve seen heart-shaped mums, big circular mums like the ones above, large double-circular mums, simple one-mum mums…

But, this year I saw something completely different.


The Mother of all Mums…

Just look at that thing!  It’s HUGE!  Like a donkey, huge!

(She had to be sweating like mad, under that thing!  It was so hot out there at the game.)

It was gorgeous, too.

People, all up and down the bleachers, stopped this young lady to admire her…mum.

Can I even call it that?

It feels like an insult to downgrade it to such a piddly little description?

I mean, the thing went on and on!


It was bigger than the sweet girl wearing it!


It went all the way over her shoulder, and onto her back!!

She has taken mums to all-time new level.  I thought the big, huge double mum with a harness was the be-all, end-all.

Nope. Not any more.  This young lady has demolished those, in my mind.  Creamed ’em.

It’s crazy.

But, I must say, no one else at the party had the same dress on as her.  She won.

(I cannot imagine the amount of money spent on that creation…upwards of $250, $300, maybe?)

You know, what?  This discussion of mums has inspired me.

I think I’m going to save up my money and make myself a cape made of mums for next year’s Homecoming…

I will walk along the sidelines, taking action shots, while wearing my mum cape.

All will admire me.

I shall crown myself Miss Amumica.

Miss Mumiverse.

No.  Wait.

I’ll be the HomeMumming Queen!




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