Roasted Tomatoes

If you follow me on Twitter (@esimmonsphotog), you may have already seen my piddly little crop of cherry tomatoes–I tweeted a picture of my “harvest.” But, because I started late in the summer, I believe my tomatoes will continue to produce…big.


…I hope.

Anyway, my first harvest of cherry tomatoes calls for a celebration, don’t you think!? I mean, I grew some tomatoes without the use of that silly Topsy-Turvy!

How about an incredibly delicious recipe for those yummy little ‘maters?

I thought you’d agree.

You should try roasting some tomatoes!

The roasting process brings out an incredible sweetness in the tomatoes. Even if you’re not usually a tomato-eater, I think you would really like these.

Give ’em a try.

(First, you must slice every single tomato.)

I’ve made the recipe for roasted tomatoes a couple of times, now, and I absolutely love them! The first batch I made, I ate all by myself. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t even share with my youngest son who loves tomatoes almost as much as I love them.

But, the second batch, I decided to save…to savor…

I put them in some olive oil, in the fridge, so I’ll have them when I need them. (Yes, the olive oil congeals, but it’s quick to liquify when I take them out of the fridge, or use the tomatoes as a topping, etc.)

Like, for a Caprese Pizza! My favorite. Makes me think of Italy. This pizza is not slathered in a ton of pizza sauce and globbed-on toppings. No siree. It’s clean, simple, and fresh.

(Drop them in a bowl, with whole, unpeeled, cloves of garlic; sprinkle with the seasoning.)

Caprese Pizza has olive oil, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, and basil. That’s it. At least that’s the version I love.

(I always have a container of homemade Paula Dean’s House Seasoning on hand–I used this instead of the salt and pepper called for in the recipe. I just eye-balled it… ‘Cause, I’m a rebel, a loner, Dottie…)

So, the other day, for lunch, I was going to use my little dabbling of fresh picked cherry tomatoes for some pizza, when I remembered the roasted tomatoes in the fridge!

(Hear the choir of angels singing? I do.)

(Add the Olive Oil. Gently mix the tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and seasoning, until all the tomatoes are evenly coated.)

On to my pizza they went.


And, into my belly.

So. So. Yummy.

Then, I decided, the next day, to try the roasted tomatoes on top of a bagel.

I threw on a little goat cheese.


(Finally, pour the tomatoes onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and slap those babies into the oven for about 3 hours! Now, go do your nails. Or wash your hair. Or watch two movies!)

So, if you are looking for a recipe for those tasty little cherry tomatoes, try this one. You’ll be glad you did.

It’s time-consuming, in that, you must slice every tomato, and it takes three hours to cook, but if you’re home doing laundry, like I usually am, the three hours doesn’t pose a problem.


(I found this recipe on the Tasty Kitchen website. It was, originally, for a Caprese Salad, but I did not make the whole thing. I just used the part of the recipe for roasting the tomatoes.)


  • 2 pints Grape Or Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 head Fresh Garlic
  • 2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Ground Coriander Seed
  • ½ teaspoons Kosher Salt
  • ½ teaspoons Freshly Cracked Black Pepper

Preheat your oven to 225ºF and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Halve the tomatoes and separate the cloves of garlic, leaving them unpeeled. Toss tomatoes and garlic with olive oil, ground coriander, salt and pepper. Arrange tomatoes on the baking sheet, cut side up.

Roast tomatoes for around 3 hours, until the edges are wrinkled but the insides are still a bit juicy.

(I personally did not know if one should eat the garlic, once roasted, whole and un-peeled. I assumed not. So, I peeled each glove, after I roasted them. Roasted garlic, like roasted tomatoes, becomes sweet and delectable.)


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