Bitter and Angry.

I took these a winter or two ago in my backyard. (All SOOC–straight out of camera.)

Can you even remember what cool or cold weather feels like?  I can’t.

I don’t necessarily want ice and frigid cold, but I would love for the temps to drop about 5-10 more degrees.

Is that asking too much?

I mean, it has been a brutal summer, wouldn’t you agree?

I guess I’m just tired of sweating.

No, I know I’m tired of sweating.

  • I’m tired of opening my front door and getting hit, at 8am, with heat and humidity.
  • I’m tired of walking from my front door to my car, climbing in, and immediately wiping my upper lip and sopping my brow, followed by looking at myself in the rearview mirror to see if my makeup has slipped off my face and into my lap.
  • My back is tired of sweating.
  • I’m tired of purchasing 50+ brassieres every month, so I can change clothes every three hours, due to sweating.



AND, I have discovered, that even though I have sweated, repeatedly, daily, for the last 30,000 days of our sweltering summer, I have not lost one single, itty-bitty pound of weight.

Not one.






Sweating and bitter in Texas,




    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Why, thank you!

      And, thank you for stopping by and commenting!

      (I’m usually not this angry and bitter…just occasionally. Only when I sweat.)


    • Elizabeth Simmons

      I’m so thrilled you stopped by! And, that you got a good laugh–I think we should all laugh a lot, daily!
      I had the pleasure of visiting your blog. I love it! So creative! I will make a point of following your work.

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