(Update: I wrote this post last night while my muscles were still relatively happy and content with their existence.  They had had a little workout and were okay with that…yesterday.  This morning, after a good night’s sleep, though, they have decided to revolt.  I’m having a muscle mutiny. My thighs and shoulders, especially, have chosen to abandon all functioning and are sending shooting, screaming pain signals to my brain with every move I make.  So, yes, I survived, but I’m wishing I had not…)

I survived.

ThrillCam survived.

Cheri, our perky, little trainer was also spared her life.

All in all, I must admit, it was great.

ThrillCam and I worked out together, for the first time and I think we both enjoyed it.

Well, as much as one can truly enjoy exercise.

We both came home a little shaky and somewhat fatigued, but felt good knowing we had done something good for our bodies.

During our workout, Cheri decided we needed to use the TRX system and incorporate kettlebell weights throughout the training time.

What’s TRX you ask?

(I didn’t know either, so don’t feel bad.)


(I’d truly love to give credit where credit it due on this photo, but I found it in Google images with no name.)

You basically use the straps/handles and your own body weight for the exercises.

And, because I have a lot of body and a lot of weight, I lifted a TON!!!

I actually liked the TRX exercises Cheri introduced us to, and look forward to doing more.

…I think.

Then, in between the TRX exercises, she’d tell us to swing the kettlebell weights.

What are those you ask?


You don’t lift them like dumbbells; you swing them.

So, while you are using your muscles to lift weight, you are also getting a aerobic workout, as well.

These little puppies about killed me.

I’m not kidding.

They look innocent enough, but if used properly, they are deadly!!!

(There was only one 5 minute moment that I thought I would pitch my cookies. But, Cheri was kind enough to allow me to regain my composure before continuing the torture.)

The super news is, I already am feeling different, after just one workout.


In better shape.

That perky, little Cheri is a true miracle worker, I’m telling you…

In fact, ThrillCam snapped a quick photo of me while I was working out.

Can you see the difference already??

Pretty cool, huh??!


(Okay, okay.  I admit it.  That’s not really my body.  It’s some insanely fit 20-something year old, showing off.  One day, though, I’M gonna look like that.  Really. No, really.  I am.  Oh, never mind.)


One comment

  1. Lana Rush

    I actually laughed out loud when I saw this photo come rolling down my computer screen! Not that I don’t think you can absolutely look that buff… BUT seeing your face first, I didn’t expect to see the body that scrolled down after it.

    Thank you for making me smile – keep swinging those kettlebells, girl! In fact, swing a few extra times for me, ok? Then I can sit on the couch a little longer, right?

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