No See ‘ums…

I’ve really, really wanted to write about our trip to quick trip Honduras, but, I honestly have not had the time this week.  When I do sit down to write about it, I want to think about it and give Honduras the credit that it is due.  I don’t want to be silly.  At least not initially.  But, I also don’t want to be Debbie Downer, either.

So, if you will pardon the long interruption in my blogging and allow me to continue to process our trip, I’d really appreciate it.  I promise I will post some pictures soon. You must see the precious faces of the children we had the privilege of spending time with.

In the meantime, I have to tell you that while we were there in Honduras, quite a few of us were bitten/stung by No See ‘Ums.

I don’t know what type of bug they were, because none of us ever saw the little buggers.

While they bit us all over our bodies, for some really odd reason, the bites seem to be more concentrated around our elbows and knuckles, of all places.  Weird, huh?

When they bit me, I wouldn’t feel anything.  It wasn’t until I started noticing small dots of blood, like little blood blisters, scattered around my arm that I realized I had been stung.  We were told to remove the stinger and to also kind of “cut” open the spot with our fingernails, to release the poison, to prevent the itching.

I never got any stingers out.

So, now, I just itch.

And, itch.

And, itch.

I swear to you that the stingers have a built-in time release, because I’ll be going along, minding my own business, and suddenly, my entire right elbow will itch like crazy.  And, off to scratching I go.

It’s very ladylike, by the way.

Same thing, about 2 hours later, on my left arm.

It’s very, very weird.

And, very, very annoying.

We were told to expect the itching to last about a week.

I’m not sure I can last that long….

I really wanted to take a picture, but it was sort of hard to take a picture of my elbow by myself.  Then, when I did actually contort my body into a position where I could snap the picture, I realized my elbow is really rather ugly.  Add to that a bunch of raised, red bumps, that look like chicken pox, and I came to the conclusion that maybe you wouldn’t want to see a picture after all.


I guess I’ll just have to scratch in private.


Off to find the Cortisone cream…



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