It seems like I’ve had zero time to get to my computer this past week.  Just spurts.  This week may be the same, so I’ll try to give you some insight into our trip to Honduras, in small doses, which is probably preferable anyway.

These people are the reason we went to Honduras, in the first place:

Doug and Margo, longtime friends of ours, followed their hearts and their dreams and made a 4 year commitment to World Gospel Outreach, to serve at Rancho Ebenezer, right outside the city of Tegucigalpa. (Tay-goose-a-gal-pa)  Because of them, we found out about WGO and Rancho Ebenezer.

And, for me, a geography-illiterate, they helped me find Tegucigalpa.

Okay, I admit it.  I had to look up Honduras on the map, as well.

Teguc (Tay-Goose–as folks call it) is the largest city in Honduras.  They estimate 2 million people, but honestly, I’m not sure how they can even count the people properly.

The city is located in the mountainous region.  No skyscrapers, occasional tall-ish apartment buildings.

It does have pockets of wealth, but those are few and far between.  In fact, they estimate that 60% of the people do not have jobs.  The average highest level of education is 5th grade, so the kids can get out and try to find a job.  We saw many kids out on the streets, when they should have been in school.


The government is corrupt, for the most part.  And the police take bribes, for the most part.  So, fairness and justice are not real options, for the most part.

It’s heart-breaking and over-whelming, and even scary, at times.

Here’s where I confess: I am so thankful and grateful for people who are not over-whelmed or scared like me.  I’ve done service projects close to my home that have been beneficial and helpful to the needy, but I’ve never gone deep into another country (other than for fun travel) to serve the poor or the homeless.  I’ve relied on others, whether it’s been from my church or from my government, to do the dirty work.

I even had small reservations about going to Honduras.

That was, before we went.

I’m sad that it took 44 years for me to get past my fears to finally go and do.

Because, while I know our presence there was a blessing to the Mission House, Rancho Ebenezer, and to Doug and Margo, I was blessed tenfold.  I came home with a new confidence:  I can do it!  I can serve in areas in which I’m unfamiliar.  I can look beyond myself to see the needs of others!  I can!  And, I did!

And, to be honest, and probably sinful, I’m proud of myself.

And, very, very grateful to God.

There will be many more opportunities for me to go back, for which I am excited!

I look forward to how God will use me (us), and grow and expand me, in the very near future.

More to come,





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