Starbucks, Schmarbucks

Who needs a $10 cup of coffee, when you can get this??:

I am not kidding!

This stuff is some of the best in the world.  It was rated by some highfalutin’ coffee testers to be in the top 2% of the world’s best coffee.

The coffee is high altitude, shade-grown (which is supposed to make for really yummy coffee), hand-picked and processed.

These are the coffee beans.  They are not ripe, yet.

(See the trees and bushes surrounding the school?  The coffee is grown there.)

We gave some to our perky trainer Cheri as a bribe gift, and she loves it.  She liked it so much, she went to the website and ordered 9 more pounds of the stuff.  (She loves her some coffee.) (I really need to introduce you to Cheri–you’d love her!)

I love coffee, too.  I drink it every morning.

Annnddd, I’ve been known to put a little cream and a little sugar in my morning hit.

Not much cream and sugar, mind you, (ThrillCam says I drink “treats, not coffee”), but, I’ve noticed I’m putting a little less cream and sugar than usual.  I think it’s because the coffee is so doggone good!

It’s not acidic, or too strong-tasting.

(Oh, what do I know?  You could melt coffee ice cream and put it in a mug and I’d think it was my morning java.)

No, honestly, if you’d like a fantastic cup of coffee, you should order some of this stuff.

Now, don’t go looking for decaf or fancy-flavored coffee, because it’s not there.  It’s just regular coffee.  Whole bean or ground.  (I order whole bean and grind it a little at a time, because it lasts longer.  But, if you want ground coffee, go for it!  It’s a free country.)

Plus, it goes to a wonderful cause!  (It supports Rancho Ebenezer in Honduras, where kids are removed from horrible situations and put into homes with two loving parents, and given a full 12 year education.)

It’s a win-win in my book.

See the little coffee plants?  They’re so cute!!

Here’s the link to Honduras Cloud Forest Coffee.

Let me know what you think!


I’m sorry if this sounded too much like a commercial.  I didn’t mean it that way.  I really, really do love this coffee and I just wanted to share it with you. 



  1. Lana Rush

    When we go to Guatemala, I drink the mission house coffee like someone who’s been wandering the desert and really needs a drink. So I bought some to make myself at home. It’s good but just not quite as good as when I drink it in Guatemala. I couldn’t quite figure it out until one morning, it hit me. Sitting next to the coffeepot in Guatemala, there are two large bowls – one full of lovely raw brown sugar and one full of whole fat cream. Not wanting to be rude and insult the locals, I heap some generous helpings of both in my coffee cup. Heaven. Back at home, my single Truvia packet and splash of fat free half and half is not quite the same. But I don’t think that’s the coffee’s fault…

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