You’ll thank me later.

I have always loved to take pictures, but I never really discovered my passion until my husband convinced me to switch to the new-fangled digital concept. He purchased me a Canon Rebel. I was hooked.

Now, we have cameras built into our phones. They say, the phone camera will, one day, be as advanced as some DSLRs we see on the market, today. Everyone, it’s predicted, will be carrying an amazing camera in their pockets.

Right now, though, I know lots of friends who just don’t take pictures. Ever. They forget. Or, they don’t understand how the camera works. Or, they just don’t like taking pictures. They have lots of excuses.

And, I guess it could be said that they are in the moment. They are sealing what they see in their memories and are not being bothered or distracted by a camera.

Yes, that is a valid argument.

But, not good enough in my book.

I think everyone should take pictures, often.

Even if all you have is a phone camera, you should take pictures.

Do not worry if they are professional quality.

They just need to be taken.

You will thank me one day for pushing you to be more disciplined about taking photographs.

You will thank me one day when you look back at photos you snapped of your grandmother in the nursing home….

You will thank me when you are remembering fondly of the different stages and interests your children went through during their younger years…


Your kids will thank me when they look back, one day, at pictures of you and their father/mother…before children…

You will thank me when your friends have moved away to another city, or country, and you miss them fiercely…

You will thank me when you are thinking back on the funny and crazy times you shared with neighbors and friends…

You will thank me when you are celebrating the braces coming off, and are reminded to be grateful your child even had teeth to put the braces on…

You will thank me when you need snapshots of your children playing their favorite sports or activities…

Take pictures.

Just because.

You will thank me, for you never know what will be the last picture of a loved one…


Preserve those memories.


P.S. Click on the video below:


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