Last week, I drove home late from a photography workshop in Houston, only to discover a toilet in our front yard.


Apparently, our oldest had been “throned.”


I snapped these pictures with my phone camera (as you can tell).

Lovely, huh?

Actually, it’s a pretty cute idea the our Project Graduation committee is using to raise money this year. You can rent a toilet for $25.00. The committee will then place the toilet in whomever’s yard you choose. It will stay there for a few days before the toilet is retrieved. Or, if the toilet gift-ee wants to pay $25.00, he or she may then have it moved to another friend’s yard.


It’s all in good fun.



On a quick side note, today is Halloween!

Both of our kids are dressing up today. Our Senior went dressed in high-waters, glasses and pens in his pocket for Nerd Day at school. Our youngest is dressing up, hoping to squeeze out one last night of trick-or-treating, as Dwight K. Shrute from The Office.

I’ll have pictures tomorrow.

We really like Halloween. Not for the obvious reasons, though. We view Halloween as an opportunity to hang out with our neighbors.  Passing out candy is secondary.

Last year, ThrillCam and I had to miss Halloween–we were on our way to Jordan!–so we were unable to hang out with everyone.

Halloween can provide a really great opportunity for you to meet and greet your neighbors, especially if you’ve never been able to in the past. Halloween is your excuse!

Just ask them to bring out their lawn chairs and their bowl of candy.  (We’ve been known to have snacks to munch on while we visit.) Then, the ghosts and goblins walk past for their candy. It’s really way more fun than watching tv and having to pause your show to get up every 2 minutes to open the door.  It makes Halloween fun again, even if you don’t have kids. You can turn off your porch light, but still participate.

This requires no prior planning, just a quick ring of your neighbor’s doorbell this afternoon or a poster board announcing where to join you.  Make it easy on yourself and your neighbors.

Try it!  Even if you can’t get anyone to join this year, you’ve planted a seed.  Next year, your neighbors may be more open to the idea.

On a side note, today is also my mother’s birthday. I’m not really sad, though. It’s just a sweet reminder, like every September 16th (my daddy’s birthday), when I think a little more about them than usual. But, that’s a good thing.

Have a super Monday!




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