Everyday this week I’ve felt it was a day earlier.  Like today.  I keep thinking it’s just Wednesday, when in reality, it’s Thursday.

And, since it’s Thursday and not Wednesday, I shall make a list.

1.  We saw our perky trainer Cheri, today.  Can I just tell you?  I can barely type this silly list of thoughts, because she KILLED us on the arms.  I feel like Stretch Armstrong…with my arms all stretched out and dangly.

Remember Stretch Armstrong?

S-t-r-e-t-c-h him and he returns to normal size!”

Only my arms are not returning to normal size.  They are hanging down by my side, heavy and hurting, unable to perform the most menial tasks….

Just imagine our perky-trainer-Cheri doing the above to us…With a smile on her face.  In fact, I think the examples above are where she got her ideas for our workout today….

2.  Now that we’ve been working out with our Perky-trainer-Cheri, we’ve decided it might be worthwhile to change our eating habits as well.   So, I went the grocery store this morning and purchased more fresh fruit, some organic foods, and leaner meats and fish.  I’m thinking this will help tremendously with our new attempt at getting healthy.

3. In fact, Perky-trainer-Cheri challenged me to not eat chips and salsa for a week.   (She asked us to name the one thing we struggle with, food-wise.  Since I couldn’t answer EVERYTHING, I settled for chips and salsa.  A true weakness of mine.)  This, of course, means no Mexican food at all for a week, because I cannot sit at a table where Mexican food will be served and NOT have chips and salsa.  I can’t.  So, therefore, I must abstain from Mexican food as a whole.  …Which will be very hard for me.  …Which equates to a very, very cranky Elizabeth for a week.

4.  ThrillCam cannot have any Dr. Peppers for a week.  Which will be hard for him because he nurses a 32 oz. Dr. Pepper once or twice a day, everyday.  It’s his crack, if you will.

5.  After he agreed to not drink any Dr. Peppers, he tells Perky-trainer-Cheri that once he cuts out his Dr. Pepper, he’ll probably lose about 8 pounds.

6.  SAY WHAT??!!! I think that is absolutely ridiculous and utterly unfair!!!  I cut out soft drinks YEARS ago, and do you think I lost any weight when I did?  NOOOO!  Of course I didn’t.

7.  In fact, this is what will happen: ThrillCam will lose 8 pounds by cutting a soft drink out of his diet for one whole week and Elizabeth will GAIN 4 pounds by merely breathing.

That’s how that works.

8.  This will also make for a very, very cranky Elizabeth.

9.  On a happier note, our youngest made the school basketball team!  I knew his freakishly tall body would pay off at some point.  (Actually, he seems to be doing pretty well with shooting, so I guess it’s not based solely on his height.  But, it sure doesn’t hurt.)

10.  Does anyone have any tips on how to keep a dog off the couch at night?  Bear has suddenly decided he likes leather.  (We may just have to start kenneling him again, at night.  But, if you have any great advice, send it my way via email or in the comments section below.)

Stinkin’ sweet dog.

10.  And, on that note, I am outta here!  Sorry for such sporadic posts as of late, but I just can’t seem to crank them out on a daily basis right now.  I have a ton to tell you, so hopefully I’ll be able to post more starting next week.

11.  Y’all are the best!  Hope you have a grand and super day, week, weekend!

Yours until Niagra Falls,



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