Salt Lick

My deepest apologies to my dear friends in south Austin; I’m sorry, Sally, Sheri, and Lana that we did not call you while in town.  It was a very fast over-nighter.  I promise we will make a point to returning, SOON, just so we can catch up!!

A couple weeks back, my family drove to Austin for a family member’s wedding.  The wedding was on Friday night, so that opened up our Saturday for lunch in Austin, followed by a drive to Brenham for some ice cream  baseball.  (We tried to get to the Blue Bell Creamery, but the stars did not align for that particular tour.)  Our oldest, who is a Senior, has been hitting many of the Fall baseball scouting try-outs and tournaments, and that weekend was no exception.

We didn’t have a ton of time in Austin, but we did make time to eat lunch at The Salt Lick.

We owed it to our sons.

They deserved to eat mighty good barbecue.

So, did I.

The original Salt Lick is located in Driftwood Texas, just south of Austin.

It had been years since ThrillCam and I had been there.  I’m not even sure our oldest ever ate there when we used to live in the Austin area back in the 90’s.

As we expected on a Saturday, there was a bit of a wait.

But we didn’t mind; there was fresh-squeezed lemonade to be had!

The wait was eased not only by the fresh-squeezed lemonade, but also by the live band performing on that way-beautiful day.

We could not have asked for better weather, I’m telling you.

Finally, we stepped inside to partake of some finger-lickin’ good BBQ.

(My shots inside didn’t turn out so great, but they give you an idea of what the place is like. …I was using my point and shoot, which I don’t use very often, so I haven’t really figured out how best to shoot with it.  I guess I should just put it on Automatic…would be so much easier.)

There’s, of course, meat.  And, lots of it.

Pies.  Yum.

And, of course, some darn good, finger-lickin’ barbecue.

Sorry for the blur.  It was a moving target; my oldest was very impatient to take a bite…

Let’s just say, the boys were quite happy with our little detour.

If you are ever in south Austin and have a little time to kill, by all means, make the drive to the Salt Lick.  (I believe they have multiple locations, now, but the original is always a winner in my book.)



And be not disappointed.




    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Thanks, Diana, for stopping by and commenting! Yes, if ever in Austin, it’s worth a visit to The Salt Lick!
      Take care,

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