I have good news, and I have bad news. Then, I have good news.

Which do you want first?

Okay.  The good news: My youngest punk had surgery on both feet on Friday.  It was just a simple out-patient surgery to permanently remove his reoccurring in-grown toenails. That’s not necessarily good news.

But, the good news about him having surgery is that he did great.  The surgery on both toes apparently went well.

He was so scared, poor guy.  He had never had surgery before, so his little brain immediately went to worst-case-scenario-mode for days leading up to the surgery.

He even asked when he would be able to walk again.  If ever.

(I had to explain to him that he was not having toes removed, just cut on.  Small incisions. One or two stitches per cut. Didn’t help.  We even used his good buddy Blake, whose appendix ruptured and had to have emergency MAJOR surgery, to explain to him that he’d be okay.  Still didn’t help.)

All of the above is not really good news.

But, it’s not really bad news, either.

It’s just how he felt.  I don’t want to tell you he even cried a little, but I will tell you that I did.  But, not in front of him.  I was a good soldier, don’t you worry.

The good news?

The anesthesiologist gave him some, um, shall we say, “happy juice?” before he went in for the surgery.

Suddenly, he was laughing.

Like hysterically.

Like he couldn’t stop laughing.

He’d laugh at himself laughing.

He’d laugh at us laughing at him laughing.

Then he’d quote that YouTube video, “Unicorns after Wisdom Teeth.” (a must watch)

Then, he’d laugh some more.

The bad news?  I can never let him out of my sight when he leaves for college.  In fact, I will have to homeschool him during those years.  Because, if he ever decides to go to a party where alcohol is served, the dude will seriously be on YouTube that night, possibly the nightly news.

I’m telling you, he will be the most entertaining, fun-loving, hilariously stupid drunk EVER.

(Needless to say, I’ve already been praying for my kids for their future choices, but now? I am asking for the Bat Phone to God….)

So, fast forward.  Surgery goes well, we get him home, and he sleeps a lot.

And, he takes his pain meds, which helped.  Plus, they didn’t make him loopy, thank goodness. (I don’t know what was in that i.v. at the surgery center, but I might have to order me some….)

We get through all day Friday and almost all day Saturday, then boom.

Bad news.

My poor kid, who just had his two big toes cut into (I know it’s not that big of deal, but it is painful–they scraped the bone, for goodness sake!–and makes for unwieldy walking), begins to throw up violently.

Nope.  Not the meds.

He’s got a stomach bug.

So, now he can’t take his pain meds.

His toes are throbbing.

His head is throbbing.

And his stomach is revolting on him.

We couldn’t even leave for our scheduled Thanksgiving travels because we were not going to put him in a car and drive 4 hours.  How miserable would that be??

Ah, but since this blog is meant to entertain and hopefully always leave folks in a good mood, I am happy to say, the stomach virus was fast-paced and he’s already doing much better!


Maybe, one day, he will give me permission to show some of the video we took of him before his surgery….

Until then, I guess I’ll leave you with the quite fashionable shoes he gets to sport for the next week or so:

Happy Tuesday!



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