It’s Friday!


Where did the week go??

Did yours fly by, as well?


Well, because it’s Friday and the week is almost over, I shall make a list.

1. I had a birthday this week. It was quite uneventful, which is, I think, a good thing. ThrillCam was out of town on my birthday, but he was very sweet and sent me these:


He’s a keeper, that man.

They have such a beautiful aroma and thankfully, it covers the dirty-socks-stacked-up-dirty-dishes-fast-food-sacks-in-trash-can smell that usually permeates my house…

2. Guess where I’ll be this Saturday?

I’ll be in the rain and cold, cheering on my Baylor Bears! This will actually be my first game to attend this season. I’m both excited and somewhat apprehensive.

Why apprehensive? Well, this will be the first game I will attend without my mom being by my side.

I don’t think I’ve been to a Baylor game, ever, where she was not in attendance. And, believe me, I’ve been to a LOT of Baylor games over the years.

It’s just going to be weird, you know? And, sort of sad. Mainly because she would have been ecstatic over the Bears’ success. And, we would have already been talking about, speculating over, and planning for the Bowl trip that will surely be in our future.

But, it’s going to be okay.

I will cheer on my Bears even louder than usual to make up for her absence.

And, I know that if we beat UT, she will be smiling down on us from Heaven, as she and Jesus are yelling “Ehhhhhhh, Sic ’em Bears!” (Because, I’m sure Jesus roots for Baylor more than UT.)

(One more time: RG3 for the HEISMAN!!)

3. My youngest had his stitches removed, yesterday.

WARNING! If you are squeamish, scroll quickly past the following picture.

I took it about a week ago.

It shows my son’s stitches and a little dried blood.


My sincere apologies.

4. This was what appeared on my Words With Friends screen the other day.


Maybe I should have saved the picture for April 15th. (You may see it again…)

If you want to play me in WWF, look me up!  esimmonsphotog is my WWF screen name.

5. I got tired of Bear, our yellow Lab, sleeping on our couches.

So, I got this:


It’s huge! But, I love it because it doesn’t look like a dog kennel.

Well, it doesn’t look like a typical dog kennel.

He seems to like it.

Then again, he has no choice but to like it, because that’s his bed at night.

6. I have not started my Christmas shopping, yet. I feel rather un-inspired this year.

Do you have any great ideas for an almost 18-year-old boy young man, that doesn’t include a motor, wheels and high acceleration?

My almost 13-year-old has already revised his list 4 times, since September. No worries there.

7. I haven’t put up our tree, yet, either.

I’ve decided, this year, that I am going with the bare minimum for decorations, indoors.

I do have plans for the front yard, but I need ThrillCam to help in that area, so that all happens next week.

How are you doing on your decorating and shopping? Are you procrastinating, like me?

8. I have been slowly working on re-vamping my photography website (no changes are visible just yet).

I am hopeful that it will be much hipper (is that a word??) than what I have now.

Due to so many changes going on with our family this year, I have to admit that my photography business has not been a top priority for me. But, that’s going to change this coming January. I’m attending a photography convention in New Orleans, which I know will be a fantastic shot in the arm, plus, I’m looking forward to the Senior Portrait sessions I’ve got planned for the Spring!

It’s all going to super fun and exciting!! Stay tuned!

9. Well, I have to get going. I think our pool needs to be backwashed?? I’ve forgotten how to do that process, so I must call someone for help.

(Have you ever felt like you needed to be backwashed? I know I have. …T.M.I., sorry!)

And, I need to gather the rain gear for the game.

And the tickets.

And, I need to brush my teeth.

(I have Honduran coffee breath!!)

                                                                                           (photo credit: Sarah Glenn, Getty Images)

(I just wanted to post that picture again.  I think it’s the best picture EVER!!)

On that lovely note, have a super weekend!




One comment

  1. Robin Dodd

    Gross me out!! LOL I just had a wave of butterflies from that toe pic..HAHAHA..

    Have fun at the game.. Loved your mama! Love you! She’s totally going to be right there with you..

    That dog thing is awesome. Would love to put Carlos Santana in one of those.. with a bone the size of my leg so he could be kept busy for three weeks..

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