A Preview of Next Week’s Posts!!

I figured if I write a post claiming I will write more posts next week, I might actually write. More posts.

Write more posts. Posts, posts, posts. Write. Might. Posts….

Post is an odd word.

Here’s what you can look forward to next week:

1. Bucket O’ Meat.


Need I say more?

(I’m so sorry if I’ve ruined your morning coffee with that picture.  It’s almost as bad as the picture of my son’s infected toe… I am vile and disgusting like that, and I need help.  Psychological help. Soon.)

(I blame it on the fact that I live with three males.  Any estrogen and/or natural female tendencies have all but vanished due to the high levels of testosterone wafting, walking, and wending its way through my everyday life.  I am but a shell of a woman.  The color pink, nail salons, and shopping have little appeal to me…Gross, disgusting, weird, fast and revolting things have replaced any desire to be girly.)

(I can’t wait to show what ThrillCam, our friend Pete, and I did with said Bucket O’ Meat!!! It’s vile and disgusting. ‘Cause I’m like that.)

2. A cooking myth debunked!

3. A breakfast recipe that would be great for the holidays!

4. A Christmas decorating tip that you will thank me for…um, next year, since I waited too long this year before telling you. My bad. (Unless, of course, you wait until the week of Christmas to actually decorate, then you’ll love me this year!)

5. And…and…who knows what crazy things I’ll talk about on the week before Christmas?!!!

Looking forward to seeing you next week!


P.S. All the photos in next week’s post will be taken with the phone camera! It’s that exciting…


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