A Cooking Tip. Not.


I was perusing one of my new favorite cooking blogs, Kayotic Kitchen, where she described, no, promised, if you place a wooden spoon across a pan of boiling water, and it will not boil over.

I had never heard this cooking tip.


My momma never mentioned it.

Paula Deen never mentioned it.

Rachel Ray never mentioned it.

Alton Brown never mentioned it.

Giada de Lalkafeksajfnea never mentioned it.

But, honestly, that means nothing. There are many, many cooking tips I have not a fat clue about.

(Ask my husband and boys; they can attest to that fact.)

Anyway, I decided to give it a try.

It certainly was simple enough.

I mean, who can’t appreciate a pot that doesn’t boil over?! (Is that a double negative??)

I know I certainly appreciate a pot that doesn’t boil over.

So, I put my wooden spoon across the pot full of boiling water.

It boiled over.


The End.




    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Okay, smarty-pants. YOU try it and let me know if your pot boils over. Twice.

      By the way, I made sure that the plastic spatula part was not touching the pan, just the wooden handle.

      But…you’re forcing me to test it, again. And when I do, I will use a fully WOODEN SPOON. I promise!


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