A Handy Dandy Holiday Decorating Tip…for…um…next year…


Who knew a blog could have so much to offer?

I mean, really.

Where else would you ever get such captivating and amusing stories about buckets of meat, faulty cooking tips (to be continued!), football updates, an unusual and weird obsession with tomatoes, stories of kayak perils, knocked out front teeth, AND Christmas decorating tips??

Sadly, nowhere but here.

I know this is super late, but I wanted to tell you about this handy, dandy decorating tip I learned two years ago from my mother-in-law! I never seem to remember to tell you about it in November, BEFORE decorating begins, so I guess this will have to do.

But, this is a tip you won’t want to forget.

It changed my exterior-Christmas-decorating-life forever.

Are you ready?

Hot glue.

There. I said it.

Use hot glue.



Two years ago, we walked up to my mother-in-law’s house and I immediately noticed how precise and exact her lights were around her windows.

They were perfect, in all their perfectly suspended glory.

No clips.



Free floating.

I was amazed!

Apparently, the firemen, whom she hired to hang her lights that year, used the hot glue method.

It was pure genius, in my book!

Immediately, I threw my fist in the air and spoke with great intensity, “As God is my witness, I WILL have straight lights!!” I then grabbed a hand full of monkey grass and began eating it, thinking I was in war-torn Georgia eating a dirty, rotten potato….


For the last two years, we have used the hot glue method.

It works like a charm!


Okay. Here are the directions and disclaimers:

  • You must use the big, fat lights with FLAT ends. Little twinkle lights do not work.
  • Do not use hot glue on your garage doors, like I did last year; it quite possibly, okay, most likely, no…it absolutely will leave glue dollops that never come off…ever. (I went hot glue crazy and glued ribbon and bows on my garage doors.  The ribbon and bows looked lovely, but, unfortunately, when I removed the decorations, the hot glue did not come off.  Ugly.)


  • Soooo… just use the hot glue on brick only.


  • Hot glue the end to the brick (as shown in the pictures)
  • Be very, very careful! Remember: hot glue is…HOT! (I use a low-temp glue gun, which works great.)

Merry Christmas Decorating …NEXT year!!



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