That was soooo 2011…

Happy, happy new year!!

So, LAST year, my family enjoyed spending time with extended family over the Christmas holidays, as well as attending the Alamo Bowl. It was busy, hectic, exhausting, and packed with fun!

How about a sneak peek (all iPhone photos, simply because I have yet to upload the photos from my other cameras)?:

I took a picture in a random bathroom on our drive to my parents’ place before Christmas. (I know it’s weird, but I like it.)


We had dinner at my uncle’s house, where he has one working dial phone in his house. My children had no idea how to use it. I aged in that moment.


My husband and boys pitched in on a homemade gift for my niece, who is presently in love with cooking.


Santa brought me the best gift ever! Green and gold RGIII Superman socks!


San Antonio was all lit up for Christmas.


We visited the Mercado while in San Antonio. So many lovely colors…


Baylor won. Big time.


For New Year’s Eve, I made a yummy appetizer that I will share with you soon.


And, today…I am packing away all the Christmas decorations. sniff. (This photo is part of my #instagram366, a daily camera phone challenge.)




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