Some Favorites of 2011, Part One

It feels sort of weird tooting my own horn, but I thought I’d list a few links back to some of my favorite posts from last year.

Grab a cup of coffee, or a sweet tea, and kick up your feet.

Read and enjoy.

And, thank you.

Thank you for giving my little alcove of the internet the time of day.


(to read the posts, click on the months above the pictures)


Who did you have hanging on your wall? This post has actually continued to generate quite a bit of traffic.  Weird what folks are searching for on the internet…


February is always filled with stories from our neighborhood’s annual Hunks vs. Punks Game. And, every February I worry my husband and his Hunk friends will land themselves in the E.R.

So far, the old guys have beat the odds.

This particular post is “interactive!”


My mother passed away on the 1st of March.

My father had already passed away in 2008.

Then there were two.


Even though I was still feeling sucker-punched after my mother’s death, there were some joyful times to follow.  Like my youngest’s birthday.

You can’t help but laugh and have fun with HUMONGUS boxing gloves…


There were some fun posts in May.  (At least, I thought they were fun.) In fact, I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted to highlight, but eventually I settled on this one.

I got a lot of feedback from this particular post.

To be continued…




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