More favorites of 2011 (Part 2)

I am continuing this series of posts highlighting a few favorites from last year.  Just click on the month to read the post.




June brought the end of school and the completion of our pool.  It was also the month of ThrillCam and my wedding anniversary–do a search in June if you’d like to read the bizarre story of our great-grandfathers.

Those were all fun to tell you about, but the most alarming, I think, was the day I was violently attacked, right in my front yard…


July was busy for our family; we were traveling a lot for our sons’ summer baseball season and summer camp. But, for me and ThrillCam, the highlight was our anniversary trip to Chicago.  The purpose? Yes, to celebrate 20-something years of marriage, but mainly to see our combined crush: Bono U2. It had been a longtime dream of ours to see them in concert.  So we did.  And, boy, were we not disappointed.


August was so doggone hot.  As was the rest of the summer.  It cooled off, though, the day our son and his friend decided to go mud-diving…

I had to choose another favorite for August, simply because it continues to get a lot of hits from viewers.

My neighbor, Stan, despises snakes.  With a passion….

The Honey Badger Controversy.


September was the beginning of football season, which meant Homecoming, which meant mums.

This was my favorite post about Homecoming mums, simply because I was so astounded by the enormity (in many ways) of the mum world…

The last installment of 2011 coming soon…



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