I’ve told you before about the app, It is a favorite of mine and I’ve found that I use it almost daily.


Well, I use it daily, now, for sure.


You see, I’ve decided to participate in the Instagram’s 366 project.


Okay, here’s where I show my stupidity: I didn’t understand why it was called Instagram366




But, I just went along with it, because I figured the folks at Instagram knew what they were doing when giving the year 366 days.

I figured we would take one last picture on the first day of January 2013, for some odd reason.



So, did YOU know 2012 was a Leap Year??


Hence, 366.


I’ve found using my iPhone to snap a picture daily is easy.  There’s no list of topics to take pictures of, so there’s no pressure to “make” a shot.  On the other hand, there are just so many shots of Starbucks’ cups and my dog that I can take before it becomes boring and redundant.

Boring and redundant equals quitting.

So, I think I may loosely use the list I saw on my friend Lana’s blog.  It’s a list to help you be more aware of the gifts, joys, blessings around you. And, you can use your camera to help capture those gifts (the book encourages you to write the gifts down, daily).

Check out the book and app, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  (I am hoping to start reading the book in a couple of weeks. Join me!)

And, thanks, Lana, for making me aware of this book!


And, before I leave you, I had to post one last picture I took with my phone and posted on Instagram yesterday.

I follow Trey Wingo of ESPN on Twitter, who also happens to be a Baylor grad. He tweeted “Adios, RG3,” or something like it.

No official announcement has been made, yet, but an ESPN reporter broke the news that Robert Griffin III was going pro.


The Baylor Nation will be sad to see RG3 go, for sure. It’s been a great run with him at the helm, but he will go on to do great things for Baylor by being in the NFL. He will be such an important and positive ambassador for Baylor, for which I am glad.

I’m really happy for him.

Keep an eye on this kid. He’s one to watch…

Sic ’em RG3!!



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