Packing for a trip


I am so excited, I can’t stand it!

I am headed to New Orleans for the Imaging Expo, a photography convention that promises to be all that and a bag of chips! I’m riding along with a fairly new friend Marie (we’ve known each other for a couple of years, but just now growing our friendship), who is launching her own High School Senior Portrait business.

And, we’re meeting up with my longtime friend and college classmate, Robin, who has a wedding photography business in Nashville.

When I say it will be fun, it will be F.U.N.!

I will tell you more about our trip later. But, for now, I want to show you how I packed for the trip.

I know. Weird.

And, who cares?

I do!

I purchased packing cubes back in 2010 a little before our international trip to Jordan. I bought green for me and blue for ThrillCam. He was beyond excited. Not.

BUT, I used them with great success.

Since then, I’ve packed in the little zipper pouches mainly for bigger, longer trips. I believe they allow me to pack more and more efficiently. But, they’re great for short trips, too.

For this upcoming trip to New Orleans, I sort of took it to a new level…at least, for me.

I designed the outfit I wanted to wear for, say, Monday…

…made a little sign to remind me which day I wanted to wear it…

…snapped a picture with my phone-camera…


…and zipped it up.


I did that with each and every outfit.


I even had an extra packing cube to put all my “evening” outfits in, for nights out on the town.

Now, when I get to New Orleans, and I’m sharing a room with two other ladies who will each have enough clothing and items for 5 days, I can keep all mine stuff in one place, ready to go.



I purchased my packing cubes from Ebags (via Amazon), but you can find versions of them on TravelSmith’s website, as well as so many other places. Just Google “packing cubes.”

I am not an organized person in any form or fashion, but these little packing cubes make me feel like I am.


P.S. None of these sites or companies know me from the man on the moon. They did not pay me–wish they had–to advertise for them. I just like the things!


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