Learning a lot in NOLA


It’s been a little quiet here, lately, because I’m in New Orleans for a photography convention called Imaging USA.

I am completely exhausted. My friends Robin and Marie and I have slept very little while here. Combine that with days full of educational classes, walking trips to the French Quarter, and a HUGE expo, more walking…

Walking, walking, standing, walking…

…and you get bone-tired bodies.

We’ve had a ton of fun and laughs while doing it!


Even though I’m tired, I’m so glad I came. I’ve been inspired by some fantastic photographers & business people, whose advice will help me take better pictures and run a more productive business.

You know what?

I hope that in whatever you are doing in your own personal life, you, too, are finding opportunities to continue to learn and be inspired. All while having fun. (Learning new things isn’t always fun and laughs, but it good.)

Look around for opportunities to grow in whatever you love and/or do for a living: go online (webinars, tutorials, etc.), attend workshops/conventions, find a mentor, take continuing education classes at a local college (or ask to audit a class), etc., etc., etc.

Don’t stay put! Continue to grow and learn. And while you’re at it, smile and laugh a lot!



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