Catching up…


Photo Title: I Wish. I Want. 

Whew! I am still trying to catch up after being gone for 5 days to New Orleans for the Imaging USA 2012 convention.

Why does laundry seem to expand and multiply after a trip? And, it’s not even all MY laundry??

I needed a break from the laundry, so I thought I’d show you a couple shots I took with my phone while in New Orleans.  They are mostly food pictures. But, I promise you, we did more than just eat.  In fact, we didn’t really eat that much. I just made sure I took pictures of some of my favorite spots/meals.

Photo Title: BBQ Shrimp and Grits: You Complete Me.


We walked over to Bourbon Street to eat at Red Fish Grill (basically at the corner of Canal Street and Bourbon Street). I had the most delectable, creamy, mouth-watering shrimp and grits I’ve ever tasted.

I’m telling you, even if you don’t like grits, you would swoon over these babies. Ahhhh-maaaazzzz-ing.

Marie and I liked Red Fish Grill so much, we returned the next night!

We were told the night before by a waiter named Scott, that we missed their signature dessert and we should come back just for that. Oh, and for their steak. He was so convincing, Marie and I returned only to find no Scott the waiter working. Fortunately, Jonathan was much obliged to serve us. (I didn’t take a picture of the steak on the second night, but let me tell you…I could cut it with a butter knife. Oh.My.) The Double Chocolate Bread Pudding (they are “famous” for it) was divine. Worth the trip back. (I’m not a huge bread pudding fan, but this was tops in my book.)

By the way, if you ever visit Red Fish Grill, I can safely and highly recommend the BBQ oysters, the Zapp’s fish (crunchy potato chip topping), BBQ shrimp and grits, their steak, and, for sure, end with the bread pudding…but, share it; it’s very rich and filling.


Photo Title: I wish I were as creative as the people who think to advertise between the escalators. Genius.


It has been a long, long time since I’ve been to a convention of any sort. I was truly amazed at the creative displays and advertising that happened all over the convention center. There was not an empty space without some kind of ad plastered on it. I get hanging signs and booths, etc., but it takes a keen eye and quick imagination to be able to spot places like the center of the escalators, to place strategic advertising.

I rode up and down those escalators for 5 days and I stared at the MpixPro ad every single time. All the way up.  All the way down. Finally, I snapped a picture on the way down.

M r smart people, m r.


Our first night in New Orleans, we took a chance and tried Mandina’s in the Garden District. My friend Robin was told about this restaurant while flying to New Orleans. It was worth it. Packed with people wearing all their Saints garb and filled with smells of good Creole food.

I had a fish filet covered in crawfish etouffee. So, so good.

Photo Title: Mandina’s, until next time.



Robin and Marie and I walked around the Expo for a little while on Sunday, the day it opened.  There were a trillion booths with an absolute over-load of eye candy for the photographer. Everywhere you looked, there were beautiful set-ups with furniture and chandeliers all meant to sell their photo albums, or booths full of lens and cameras, photo jewelry, printer companies, etc., etc., etc. It was hard to land on just one booth; they were all so appealing.

But, this one booth stood out from the crowd and held us captive; they had the most unusual “hook” for grabbing our attention: snakes and an albino alligator.

Unfortunately, their hook was more attractive than the actual product. None of the three of us could remember the product they were selling!

(For my neighbor Stan: I could have wrapped myself in two boa constrictors, along with holding the alligator, but I refrained.  You’re welcome.)

This was a good learning lesson: never have too good of a distraction/attraction that it takes away from the product you are selling!

Photo Title: No, I was COMPLETELY sober! And, yes, she’s ALIVE.



Okay. So you cannot visit the Big Easy without making a trip to Cafe Du Monde. It’s a must.

(I’m not keen on posting so many pictures of myself on my blog, but, golly, it is what it is. I was making memories with good friends and I’m so glad we had some pictures taken.)

We did not have to wait in line on that Monday night, but even if you visit and it’s got a line forever, stand in it. Wear good shoes. Wait. You will not be disappointed!!

Have beignets and some of their Chickory coffee, or hot chocolate, or, like me, milk.

Be sure your hands are clean, because you WILL be licking your fingers.

Also, do not wear black, as seen above. You will leave with a fine dusting of powdered sugar all over you.

Order more than one beignet order.  You will want to eat more than one beignet. I promise.

Photo Title: Happy. Bliss. De-lish. Oh.My. More, please?


I’ll post some more, soon, from the hands-on class Marie and I took during the pre-conference classes.

Now, back to the laundry.

Have a super Monday!




  1. Cathi

    Looks like you guys had a blast! So jealous! I can’t wait to go for SuperBowl! (And eat some of that yummy food!)

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Well, I just gave you some great places to visit. Not necessarily cheap, but don’t expect cheap in New Orleans.
      We also ate at Mother’s, a New Orleans mainstay. It’s REAL casual and touts itself to have the best ham eva.
      If the kids are going with you, please do NOT take them on Bourbon Street!! Too many things to see that their little eyes should not take in.

      • Cathi

        No kids.. It’s me time.. Superbowl party! 🙂 (GO GIANTS!) I’ve been several times before.. I would never take the kids! lol I know we are going to Drago’s Monday night for a dinner, but other than that.. Not sure what all we are going to do. I do know I want to do some cemetery pics.. I haven’t been back since Katrina.. Should be interesting to see now. :/

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