Some Results from the Seniors Hands-on Photography Class at Imaging USA 2012

My photography buddy, Marie, and I arrived early in New Orleans to attend a special all-day hands-on photography class at the Imaging USA 2012 convention. It consisted of two classes, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, each taught by different photographers.

The first class was taught by Kibbie Walton of Artisan Portraits. (click on his link to see some of his work) His Senior portraiture is really spot-on and lovely.

He worked with us on lighting and posing, but covered a gamut of photography-related topics. I loved that he was so approachable and knowledgable.  He also possessed a quick wit.

Imaging USA provided us with two models for the morning session, which was quite helpful.  It allowed us to practice what Kibbie was teaching. It was good to hear him and watch him work with the models as he moved them through different poses and such.

Here are two photos I took during the class:

(I added my copyright mark, but only because I was using a particular action in Photoshop that adds it. I need to make it clear, if I haven’t already, I took these portraits in a teaching/learning environment.)

The only touchups I made were slight brightness adjustments, contrast and adding pop to the eyes. I did re-touch, very minimally, the female’s skin. But, barely. She had beautiful skin to begin with, but her hands were a bit splotchy, so I touched up that area.


Then, after a lunch break, we returned to find a new teacher, Chuck Arlund. This guy was a trip! VERY artsy and creative. In fact, when he first began speaking, I honestly thought to myself, “There’s no way I can sit through this for 3 hours and follow him; he’s all over the place!” But, I’m telling you, after about 30 minutes of a hit-or-miss introduction, we left the classroom and got to work. He was great! Very personable, like Kibbie Walton, and effective in helping me understand some lighting/flash techniques.

I liked him a lot.

Please check out his work, as well. It’s amazing! (Please note: Chuck is a high fashion photographer. His work includes some shots of models in small articles of clothing, sometimes not big enough to cover all the parts. Please do not look at his work if you have small children at your knee.)

For this class, we were given another young model to practice with. Chuck was walking us through some lighting set-ups, but to practice with his set-up, we had to wait our turn to use his equipment/flashes. I decided to snap a couple shots of the model without the flashes. I wanted to practice some backlit situations and this is what I got:

I did not re-touch this model’s skin. I only played with the contrast and darkened the blacks a bit. Very minimal re-touch. (Again, the above two portraits were taken in a learning/teaching situation.)

The teachers/photographers at the convention were all fantastic. In fact, it was somewhat over-whelming receiving so much information is such a short amount of time. I am still sorting through hand-outs, ads, tips, dvds, photos, etc., etc., etc.

Even though I am still combing through all the information I was given, I am so thankful I got the opportunity to attend. All the piles of papers and sorting is worth it.

I’ve already begun saving for next year!

Have a super day!



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