Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Late last Spring, early Summer, after we had completed our pool, ThrillCam installed a raised bed for me in our backyard. My first “crop” was, well, meh. Not much to write home about.

With the exception of the bell peppers, not much else grew with gusto.

Yes, I had corn (about 3 ears) and yes, I had peas (without the actual fruit! The plants grew like mad, but never did I find a pod…).

Oh, wait! I did have an abundance of basil.

But, my carrots, cilantro, and green beans never made it to the show.

We won’t even talk about my tomatoes…

I blame the poor response mainly to the fact that I planted it all WAY too late in the season.

And because we had zero rain.

And because I have no idea what I’m doing.

Fast forward to this Fall.

I decided to try a couple Winter type vegetables.

Guess what?! I’ve been somewhat successful!

Look at my broccoli!

Why, hello there, beautiful! How are you, today?


And, looky here!



Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?


Lettuce, who?

Lettuce in and we’ll tell you…

And, Italian Oregano…

Ciao, Bella!


I’ve been renewed!

My confidence has been fortified!

So, because I believe I’m now a Grade-A Certified Farmer, I have ordered new seeds from Burpee! Of course, I ordered way more than my little garden can hold, but that’s okay. I won’t plant them all.  Just a few. Just to see.

I’m very, very excited!

Off to hoe, or dig, or harvest, or something…,


P.S. My broccoli has gotten HUGE, like a donkey huge. In fact, some of the broccoli is actually flowering. For those of you who actually know what you are doing in your garden, have I waited too long to pick it? Will it taste awful if I pick it now and try to eat it??


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