Latest Instagram Pics

I’ve been doing an okay job with keeping up on my picture-a-day on Instagram, so far. Yes, I’ve skipped a couple days, but for the most part I’ve been consistent.

If you don’t follow me on (social app for phones & computers) or on Twitter (another social app), then you haven’t seen these.
If you do follow me on either of those, I apologize for the repeat.

Here are a few from the last couple of weeks.

I just liked the colors…


My sister gave me tweezers for Christmas. No really. They are the cutest!

It makes plucking feel glamorous.


It’s crazy how warm and pleasant our weather has been over the last couple of weeks. It’s odd for January and makes me worry what is to come for February and March…

But, it makes for pretty flowers.


My youngest son has always loved Nerds. I just recently discovered their sweet-tart deliciousness…


My husband is complete.

Not because of me.

But, because of this…


More candy.

My sister also gave our family large quantities of Baylor M&Ms for the Alamo Bowl.

We have slowly finished them off.

Or, quickly finished them off.

Either way, they are just about gone. (sniff.)


Our neighbors have this dog.

His name is Beef.

He is huge.

And so, so adorable.

Here is his nose.


Happy Thursday!


P.S. On you can find me by searching for esimmonsphotog. Follow me on Twitter @esimmonsphotography


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