All is well


First of all, thank you for the prayers, yesterday! I very much appreciate it.


I really wasn’t nervous, at all, probably because of all the prayers!

Like I said in yesterday’s post, what I was really most excited about was the deep sleep I’d receive while I was being operated on.

I was not disappointed.

(Although, I will say, it was WAY too short!)


The surgery went smoothly.

My doctor got out what she needed (nothing major or scary, just some Spring cleaning of my nether regions), I got some much-needed sleep, and as of this morning, I don’t even need my pain meds!

I’m sore and still moving a little slow, but it’s all good.


Again, thank you for the prayers and well-wishes! You are good folk.




One comment

  1. Sally

    Glad you are on the mend, Elizabeth! Also needed to say, “Thanks” because, when I was reading your post yesterday, I was reminded of your “Best Chicken Recipe in the World” and it is in the crockpot now 🙂

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