Super Bowl 2012!

If you’ve been riding along on this blog train for any amount of time, then you’ve certainly read some posts about our annual neighborhood Super Bowl football game, the Hunks vs. Punks. I have documented four or five years of this happy occasion.

To me, the pre-game before “The Game” is far more entertaining and fun.

This year was different, though.

This year, the Hunks decided to end a years-long tradition. I think, they decided they were a) too old, b) too out-of-shape, c) too old, and d) too old to put themselves in harm’s way any more.

As far as the Punks, I’m not sure why they did not want to participate.

But, as you will recall, last year, I told you about the up and coming Punks.  They were chomping at the bit to finally get their chance to play on the gridiron in this fun neighborhood tradition.

They wanted to try their hand with the big boys.

Just look at those little Punks waiting, longing, dreaming of when their time was to come…

Bless their little pea-pickin’ hearts…

The big Hunks vs. Punks game would be played and watched by many, while the “little guys” stood on the sidelines.

Finally, following the Hunks vs. Punks game, these guys would form their own game.

This group of neighborhood boys have always had to wait their turn. They were just not old enough to mix it up with the big boys.

They needed to wait. They would have gotten hurt.

This year, though, they were all old enough and big enough to participate.

 So, you can see why I was sad for the boys’ sakes that the big game didn’t happen on the level that it has in the past.

Fortunately, though, ThrillCam and our neighbor Scott honored the little guy’s desire to continue the tradition.

They went out in the cold and wet and chose teams.

And, played.


In the mud.

It was so much fun.

And, boy did they have a great time!!

And, while I dearly miss the traditional Hunks and Punks game, I must say, the level of pure joy present during yesterday’s game far outweighs the previous years’ games.

It was nice to see a fun tradition continue to take place in our neighborhood, even if it was on a smaller scale.

I will have more about this game in the days to come.

Because you will not believe how this all ended…

Have a great Monday!



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