Friday Randomness

Our friend Kathleen Weibel took this picture of us before Christmas, at our church. She has a great children’s photography business in our area.

And this one.

Fun times.

  • ThrillCam and I have been out of town, hence the random photo selection and my lack of blogging. But, we’re back and glad to be in our own bed, again.

Nothing like your own bed, sheets, and squishy pillow.

  • I’m working feverishly on getting my new photography website up and running. More on that soon.
  • We got our first–yes, I said first–delivery of Girl Scout Cookies, yesterday!! Our sweet neighbor Paige brought them by. Now, we wait for the other girls from whom we bought GS cookies. My freezer will runneth over.
  • While out of town, ThrillCam and I attended the symphony! We were quite the cultured couple. We saw Chris Botti, a trumpet player. I’ve never purchased music from him. My sister gave us the tickets, as she is a season ticket holder for the symphony. The concert was AMAZING! Chris Botti got his notice after (or during) his time with Sting. Now, he holds his own. We were blown away by his music and his BAND! Oh, if only I had an 1/8 of that talent in my little finger… If you have Spotify, check Chris Botti’s music out.
  • Speaking of music… I am jamming out to G. Love and Special Sauce. Fun! Funky! Groovy and creative. (I think I just heard a dirty word, but I don’t think there are many at all. So, listen carefully if kids are around.) But, I’m telling you, you will dig it! Try “Baby’s Got Sauce” and “Cold Beverage” are their most popular songs.
  • We had to go out of town for some important meetings, but along with the work stuff, we also enjoyed watching Baylor Men’s Basketball. They won. Of course. The Women’s team is even better! Sic ’em!!!

This is Perry Jones III, an amazingly talented young player. I put this photo out on Twitter and Instagram commenting on how nice it was of him to welcome us to the game…


…it’s not real. I figured you knew that, but just in case…

  • We get to celebrate our friend and neighbor Mark, today! He turned 40 this week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARK!!
  • We also have baseball, today. It’s that time. Baseball season. We love it. Go Chargers!!

Hope your Friday is super-dee-duper!

And, your weekend, well, I hope it’s full of relaxation, time with family, fun, friends, and good food.

Of course, that should be every day, don’t you think?




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