Homestead Heritage

While ThrillCam and I were out of town, we went to one of my sister’s (and my) favorite places, Homestead Heritage, in Elm Mott, Texas. (Click on the name for the link.)

I, unfortunately, did not take my camera with me, so I only snapped a couple pictures with my phone-camera. Which means, any other photos are credited to the Homestead website (via Google images–I couldn’t find the photographer(s)’s name to give him/her/them credit).

At Homestead, the craftsmen (and craftswomen), true artisans, build, hand-craft, and create furniture, pottery, fabric pieces, and much, much more.

“Our Traditional Crafts Village showcases a community of craftsmen who have returned, not to the past, but to the enduring values exemplified in handcraftsmanship. True craft requires more than skill: it expresses the craftsmen’s care and concern, their personal investment in everything they do. You can visit the shops of our crafts village, watch our craftsmen work, even attend classes to learn craft skills and, in all this, experience with our craftsmen the joy and fulfillment of returning to craft, the art of work.” ~from Homestead’s website

While there, we ate lunch in their cafe and sampled their cheeses.



Following lunch in the Homestead Cafe, we shopped in the General Store, located in The Barn (all the buildings are reconstructed barns, very cool!)…

After that, we hit The Gristmill…

…where I picked up some freshly ground grits and cornmeal, as well as some organic evaporated cane juice (in the canister with the red lid).


If I lived closer, I’d sign up for some of their classes–you can learn woodworking, cooking, gardening, fiber crafts (sewing, crocheting, weaving, etc.), and furniture building, to list a few. It’s pretty amazing, their selection of classes and levels of expertise.


I really enjoy visiting when I can. I love hand-made furniture and art work. I also appreciate that the people of Homestead lead a much simpler life, which I think we could all learn from.

Know what I’d really love?

How cool would it be to have the Homestead folks to build me a reconstructed barn?!

But, that’s in my dream world…

If you’re ever in the Waco area, make a point of visiting Homestead Heritage. I think you’d really enjoy yourself.



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