Downton Abbey.

While I was fighting my sinus infection, I parked myself on the couch, grabbed the remote control, and lived with Netflix for a few days.

I was finally able to watch the highly popular PBS show, Downton Abbey.

The costumes.

Oh my.

The accents.

The lords and ladies.

The secrets.

The servants.

The drama.

Want to know my most favorite part of every single show?

The VERY first shot of the Labrador’s back end.

Not kidding.

I think that opening scene, showing the dog’s tail with the castle off in the distance is simply superb.

Weird, I know. But, I think it’s brilliant.

If you are like me and are new to Downton Abbey, please, please find a way to watch it. (Netflix is supposedly adding season 2 this week!) If for anything, you should see it for the sole purpose of watching Maggie Smith (and Elizabeth McGovern).


P.S. There are some very adult topics, so you should watch season 1 first to make sure you want to approve it for your kids. (younger kids probably wouldn’t enjoy the show anyway.)



  1. Lana Rush

    Just started watching this myself! LOVE IT! And for some reason, because it’s historical and they have lovely accents, it doesn’t seem like such a waste of time. It’s educational television! Are you with me??

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