Monday Musings…

My days have been very busy, full of photographing high school Seniors. My time at the computer has not included much time on the blog (obviously), but rather, time spent in Lightroom and Photoshop. But, this morning I plan to write a few posts that I can schedule for appearances throughout the coming week. Thanks for your understanding! I’ll be back more regularly, soon! All my love, E.

A few musings for this Monday morning…

1. I absolutely love photographing high school Seniors! They are a fun age. And, this generation is growing up quite comfortable in front of a camera. Since all of their phones have cameras, they aren’t shy about being in front of one, simply because they seem to always be in front of them. Just look at their Facebook pages, or Instagram. …even if they’re posing in the bathroom and photographing themselves in the mirror…

Or maybe I’ve just been photographing kids who are confident and comfortable in their skin.

Either way, it makes my job easier, that’s for sure!

2. Because I’ve been so busy with back-to-back Senior Moments Sessions, I am exhausted. But, it’s such a good exhaustion. I’m working! I’m doing what I enjoy! Everyone should have this problem.

3. The weather has been absolutely PERFECT! I’ve taken the top off my Jeep, there’s little to no humidity, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming… Perfection.  Thank you, Lord.

4. Speaking of birds singing…I can’t wait to give you an update on ThrillCam’s Purple Martin house/apartment/condo.

5. My dog Bear has loved that we are out by the pool and working in the yard again. He is like a beaver in the pool. (And, yes, he still smells mildewed.)

Unfortunately, though, his neurosis (plural??) have kicked into high gear.

He chases the pool cleaner. As it rolls around on the bottom of the pool and up and around the walls, Bear is swimming as hard as he can to follow it, hoping against hope that the little tail will swing out of the water and spray him, so he can chomp at it…. The pool cleaner never stops, so neither does Bear.

He has also convinced himself that there is something, anything, in the flower bushes surrounding our pool. What I think is happening is, he sticks his nose into the bush, sniffs, and when he moves, the bush moves. Therefore, there MUST be something in there. So, he sticks his nose back in, sniffs, paws the bush, it moves, he jumps, and back he goes into the bush. It’s a never-ending cycle. He never ceases to believe he’s going to catch something. He’d go on like that for days, if I let him.

But, I can’t let him.

I can’t let him stand for hours with his nose in the bushes in hopes of catching a lizard.

And, I can’t let him swim, non-stop around the pool chasing the pool cleaner.

He will kill my bushes.

I’m telling you, he’s stomping them to death.

Also, he might drown if he continues to chase the pool cleaner. He won’t stop swimming. He’s got to be exhausted, but he just won’t stop!

So, you can see, my relax time around the pool is not the least bit relaxing. Ugh.

(Where’s the Dog Whisperer when you need him?)

6. My house is a pit. No really. It’s amazing what happens to the place when I’m not home much. I’m a messy house-keeper, anyway, but compound it with my absence, and I’m telling you…it goes down fast.

I’d love to hire a maid, but to do that, I’d have to clean first. And, I’d have to pay her.

Neither of which is going to happen anytime soon.

7. How does The Pioneer Woman do it? Does she hire a maid so she can home school her 4 beautiful children, write a children’s book, cook and write two cookbooks, film a cooking show, do a book tour, AND write in her blog daily??? Oh, and let’s not forget she has a garden that requires tending to, as well. And multiple cats and dogs. And a husband. And cows and wild horses.

She makes me tired just thinking about it.

8. Oh! This week I’ll show proof that I’ve continued to work out with our trainer Cheri! And, no, it has nothing to do with lost weight or muscles.

9. Lastly, I can’t wait to tell you about my meme award (??)! My friend Lana over at Along Came the Bird tagged me! Look for that tomorrow!

Have a super Monday!



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