Keep Calm and Carry On…

(photo credit: Wikipedia Commons)

My friend Andy Bondurant over at The Collective recently shared a video that I found enchanting.

(I call Andy a friend, but he’s never even met me. He has no clue who I am. But, because he is in my home on an almost daily basis through his blog and Twitter, I feel we are friends. It’s very one-sided, but that’s okay. I’m happy with the arrangement.)

So, have you been seeing a TON of the KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON signs on Pinterest, t-shirts and the likes? I certainly have.

There are even different versions and spoofs of the saying. (All of the following posters are available for purchase, just copy and paste the URL.)



Or, how about:


And, this:


And, finally, this:

(you can purchase this at:

I really hadn’t thought why the saying is suddenly so popular.

In fact, it didn’t really appeal to me, mainly because I was seeing it EVERYWHERE. It was and is all the rage.

But, Andy brought my attention to a video that explains the background of the original saying.

And, now because I know the backstory to it, I love it!

I would give anything to have one of the original posters…

Check out the video. Kind of cool.

Thanks, Andy!

Keep Calm and Carry On,



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