Well, I’ve planted most of my seeds and already I’m seeing sprouts! I snapped a few pics with my phone-camera, but hope to get better shots next week.


I’ll have to show you a plant that I am now thinking is a squatter-weed. It’s HUGE!! I kept thinking it would produce some vegetable, but now I’m thinking it’s just there to shade my bell peppers, which not a good thing.

Here’s just the stalk:


It’s like a modern-day version of Jack and Beanstalk in my backyard…

It’s raining today, so once it dries a bit I’ll get out there and take some more pictures. Maybe one of you who know more about gardening than me, can tell me what I’m growing. (I’m really pretty sure it’s a huge weed…)

Speaking of growing things, I saw this video and thought it was pretty cool.

I don’t have the same green thumb the man in the video has, but I’m inspired to improve.


Maybe my little garden will provide a little extra for my friends and neighbors, or even a food bank.


Hope you find inspiration somewhere today.

Oh, and eat your veggies!



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