Hello, my name is Simon. And, I like to do my drarings…


My nights have been ending later than usual, me working late into the night at the computer, editing Senior Portraits.


I love it, but it tends to throw off my circadian rhythms.


When I do finally turn off the computer because my eyes are bulging and bleeding, my body is tired, I crawl into my bed, snuggle down in the covers…and reach for my phone.20120405-100423.jpg

You see, I can’t sleep just yet.

I have unfinished business.


My bedtime ritual (no matter how late it is) includes catching up on Words With Friends, Scramble, and now, Draw Something, which happens to be my new favorite.


As you can tell I am a horrible artist.

But, to my credit, it’s not easy drawing on a little touchscreen on the phone.

(I’m not sure if I were to switch to the iPad it would make much difference, though.)

At least I don’t just write out the words…I actually attempt to draw something.

And, I go to bed happy.

Can you guess what the words are for each drawing?


1. Tugboat

2. Shower

3. Rock Star

4. Funeral

5. Princess

6. Grave



I'm curious. Tell me what you think...

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