Looky! Looky!


Look what just arrived in the mail, yesterday!

My new Ollo Clip for my iPhone!

What’s a Ollo Clip you ask?


It’s a 3-in-1 lens adaptor for your phone. (I used my phone camera for all these shots.)

This puppy lets me take fisheye, wide-angle, and macro shots with my phone-camera!

You just slip the adaptor lens over the corner of your phone camera and snap away.

Too cool!

Here’s a shot of my backyard with the phone camera unadorned.


Here’s a shot using the fisheye lens:


Here are some more examples…

I shot my Lantana up close with my phone camera and I just couldn’t get the macro shot I wanted. It just blurred from being too close.


But, with the macro lens I got a couple close ups.


It was windy outside, so it made it harder to focus that close, but I managed.


And, here’s one with the fisheye lens!


Kinda cool.

They aren’t perfect. Nor will the Ollo Clip cause me to replace my Canon, but it will make my foray into Instagram a little more interesting and fun!

(I still haven’t read the directions on how to change from fisheye to wide-angle, so I’ll try to remember to give some examples of that later.)

I have only one complaint, though. To use the Ollo Clip, I have to remove my Otter Box (protective case), which always makes me nervous.

But, all in all, I’m excited to have a new gadget to play with.

Have a super Friday!!




    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Thanks for stopping by! I have to admit that I have played with the Ollo Clip very little–I’m hoping to use it more this weekend. The first thing I noticed about the fisheye is that you see the rounded edges of the lens, which sort of bothers me, but at the same time, it’s not that big of a deal. I mean, we are talking a phone camera, so I don’t expect the same kind of quality as a DSLR, obviously. I can’t wait to use the macro when it’s not as windy, too. That made it hard to hold the phone, set the focus and tap the screen to take the shot…the flowers kept moving in the wind, so my focus would change on the phone.

      Hey, I’m glad you dropped by!
      All the best,

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