More Ollo Clip

The Ollo Clip is the little iphone lens adapter that I purchased about a week ago. I’ve finally had a few moments to play with it more (and to read the directions).

Okay, so here’s my lantana (again) taken with my normal, unadorned, iphone camera.

Nothing to write home about.

But, check this out!



Macro crazy!!

And, here it is with the Fisheye:


And, because I want to brag on my little raised vegetable garden, here are some shots of my yellow squash.


This is one of the flowers taken with my regular iphone lens:

And, now for some macro beauty…




Pretty cool, huh?!

It’s a super fun gadget to play with, that’s for sure.

And, like I said in a previous post, it will make my Instagram participation much more interesting.

Off to find some bugs to move in on for some close-ups…

Have a super-dee-duper day!




  1. Honey Badger

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t think that’s a Lantana…. looks much more like a Cap’n Crunch plant – which we all know is how we get the cereal…. I’m just say’in… take a second look…I love Elizabeth to death, but the girl just doesn’t know her plants very well. (At least she’s a good photographer and writer)

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