Tips for photographing Fireworks


(I am not at my regular computer, so I couldn’t dig up any fireworks photos of my own! The photo above is curtesy of

Follow these tips for great fireworks pictures: 

  • If you have a tripod, use it. Even on point and shoot cameras. Just set it up next to your lawn chair.
  • Turn your dial to M for manual. Don’t be afraid! It’s good to try something new! It’s good to practice! Trust me.
  • Set your aperture at about f/8 up to f/16. (The higher the aperture number, the more you’ll have in focus–larger depth of field.)
  • Place your focus on manual (and/or infinity). BEFORE it gets dark, find an object in the distance, about equal to where the fireworks will be exploding, and set your focus on that. Now, you are set. (Once the fireworks begin, you need to check your shots. If the are out of focus, stay in manual to refocus. Auto focus will not work well in this situation.)
  • Shoot at a slow shutter speed: allow for long exposures of many seconds up to 30 seconds, OR you can even try the bulb setting. (Bulb setting allows the shutter to open when you press the shutter button and it will stay open until you press the shutter button again. The bulb setting is located on the settings dial on most cameras.)
  • Use a quick release trigger for the camera, if you have one.  If not, try setting your release to a 2 second delay, especially if the fireworks are being shot off at very regular and quick intervals.  You can press the shutter button and allow for any shake to subside before the picture is taken.
  • Shoot at a low ISO 100-200 (You will be surprised at how much light fireworks give off, even when it’s pitch black outside.
  • Do not use flash. Won’t help.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!!

And, please be safe and smart as you celebrate our country’s birthday.

God bless you and God bless America,



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