2013 New Year

Six days into the new year.

I cannot believe it’s 2013.

Crazy how once you leave your 30’s, the time seems to rush forward at warp speed… Am I the only one to notice that?

BUT, I can say, 2013 is MY YEAR!

Like a charismatic, tambourine-slappin’ Pentecostal church lady, I’m claiming it!! (No offense to charismatic, tambourine-slappin’ Pentecostal church ladies.)

I’m claiming a great year!

2010 was not a great year for me; my mother took on lung cancer with a valiant effort. I call it The Year of Cancer.

2011 was okay, but certainly at year to forget; my mother didn’t win. I call it The Year of Loss.

2012 was a year of incredible change and transition for me  and my family; I call it The Year of Leaving. (Our son left for college, we left our church, our neighborhood, our friends, so much…)

But, 2013…I hope to call it The Year of JOY! That sounds hopeful, no?

Here’s why I am excited for this new year:

1) It took us, honestly, the three full months we’ve been in our new house to get somewhat settled. It was funny, we rushed to get things in place by mid-November, then the holidays hit. So what did I do? Yep. I took everything out of its new place and replaced it with Christmas decorations. Now, I must take all of Christmas down and put things BACK into its place (assuming I remember where I had things!!).

I feel like I’m in a perpetual move.

Sooo, I’m looking forward to getting things back in place and sitting down and sighing with relief and routine.

2) I look forward to making new and lasting friendships.

It’s been interesting to look back at our past moves. This is the first time in ThrillCam’s and my marriage to move without a church home waiting for us. He is not presently on a church staff. When you move to a new church as a staff member and family, you have an automatic welcoming committee. You’re in. You have built-in friends, pretty much.

So, we are having to forge friendships the hard way; the way most folks have to do it. And, now that we are settled, we are committed to reaching out and getting to know our neighbors. (We have an added barrier–we now live in the country with neighbors spread apart. We’ll have to work a little harder!)

3) I’m looking forward to finding a new church home. Church shopping. Ugh. More on that soon.

4) I’m looking forward to losing 10-15 lbs.

Remember when ThrillCam and I started working out with Cheri? It was one of the best workouts we’d ever participated in. I miss Cheri desperately. I actually miss TRX training, too. But, even with such an incredible trainer and workout plan, we were not losing weight. We were getting stronger cores and better stamina, which was super. But, we were still pudgy and jiggly.

So, we decided last Fall to change our eating habits. It was fantastic. We were finally paying attention to what we were eating and we both lost a good amount of weight. (Of course, ThrillCam lost MORE than he had planned; he actually had to put a little weight back on…men. But, hey, I lost 30 lbs!!!, which is super! …I still have a stingy little bit left that I want to shed.)
I have added exercise back into my routine this year. I’m hopeful the added movement combined with eating differently will make the difference.

5) I’m looking forward to growing spiritually.

That might tie into finding a new church, but not necessarily. While I’ve been paying attention to what’s gone into my mouth, I have, unfortunately, been quite lax about what’s feeding my soul. Unlike my tummy and bum, my soul is a little skinny and scrawny, I need to fatten it up a bit.

So, there you have it; five achievable goals for 2013.

A hopeful and positive outlook for the new year!

What are your goals, dreams, hopes, resolutions for the new year?

Hey! Why not grab your tambourine and join me in claiming 2013 as your year!!!


P.S. In my last post, I spoke of my childhood friend Tammie and her family. We are burying and CELEBRATING her son today. Please lift them up as they move past the funeral and into daily living with a huge, gaping hole in their hearts….


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